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New Netherlands dates | sept 2024

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new release

"Home, I Guess" is Jack's first release in the Netherlands.

A personal song about the frustration and challenge of leaving a life behind and starting a new one.

My Story

record producer and social media personality

Jack Shore is an American/Israeli record producer, and social media personality. Coming from an Ultra-Orthodox background he discovered music in his early teens and decided to drop out of his religious high school to chase his new found passion. Today alongside his own music he has produced and recorded countless international artists and bands. His music alone has accumulated over 20 million streams on spotify.


In September 2022, at 21 years old, Jack relocated to The Netherlands and established his new studio in Amsterdam. His content and personality quickly got attention in the Dutch/European audience, with over 600k followers he is best known for his presence on TikTok, responding to Dutch culture and engaging music related content.

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